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Tins, Jars and Cooking - Pickles And Marinated Vegetables
Description Tesco Asda Sainsburys
Peppadew Whole Piquante Peppers Mild (400g) £2.99 £2.00 £3.00
Haywards Silverskin Onions (454g) £1.89 £1.50 £1.89
Haywards Sweet Onions Crisp & Mild (454g) £1.89 £1.50 £1.89
Haywards Traditional Onions (454g) £1.89 £1.50 £1.89
Cypressa Kalamata Olives (345g) £1.75 £1.53
Old El Paso Hot & Tangy Sliced Jalapenos (215g) £1.35 £1.38 £1.35
On offer at ASDA. Buy in multiples of 2
Old El Paso Sliced Red Jalapenos (215g) £1.35 £1.38
On offer at ASDA. Buy in multiples of 2
Garner's Pickled Shallots (300g) £2.49 £2.44 £2.70
Garner's Sweet Pickled Baby Onions (454g) £2.79 £2.74
Gefen Spanish Olives Stuffed with Pimiento (283g) £1.80 £1.78
Beit Hashita Black Pitted Olives (560g) £2.00 £1.98
Baxters Baby Beetroot in Sweet Vinegar (567g) £1.55 £1.54 £1.55

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