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Ready Meals - Indian Cuisine
Description Tesco Asda Sainsburys
Natco Pappadoms Plain (200g) £1.00 £0.88
Nishaan Chakki Roti Chapattis (6 per pack - 350g) £1.00 £0.94
Nishaan Traditional Roti Chapattis (6 per pack - 350g) £1.00 £0.94
Gits Dal Makhani (300g) £0.99 £0.98
Gits Pau Bhaji (300g) £0.99 £0.98
Sharwood's Garlic & Coriander Poppodums (8) £1.79 £1.78 £1.50
Royal Gajar Halwa (250g) £3.00 £3.00
Royal Gulabjam (500g) £3.00 £3.00

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