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Description Tesco Asda Sainsburys
Bob Martin FleaClear Spot on for Small Dogs £5.49 £2.50 £5.49
Bob Martin Fleaclear Spot on for Large Dogs £6.49 £3.00 £6.49
Bob Martin FleaClear Spot on Solution for Cats - 1 Treatment £4.50 £2.24 £4.50
Bob Martin All in One Dewormer Tablets for Small Dogs & Puppies (4) £3.99 £3.78
Bob Martin Anti-Bacterial Rub Downs (15) £2.59 £2.58
Bob Martin Flea Tablets for Cats & Small Dogs (3) £5.29 £5.28 £5.29
Bob Martin Easy to Use Wormer Granules for Dogs (4) £5.99 £5.98 £5.99
Bob Martin 2in1 Dewormer for Cat (2) £6.19 £6.18 £6.19
Catsan Smart Pack (2x4L) £6.99 £6.98 £6.99
Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter (10L) £5.48 £5.48 £5.52
Bob Martin Cat Litter Tray Liners (6) £1.00 £1.00

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