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Frozen - Frozen Desserts And Fruit
Description Tesco Asda Sainsburys
Weight Watchers from Heinz Banoffee Desserts (2 per pack - 160g) £1.69 £1.00 £1.70
Weight Watchers from Heinz Caramel Crunch Desserts (2 per pack - 170g) £1.69 £1.00 £1.70
Weight Watchers from Heinz Double Chocolate Brownies (2 per pack - 172g) £1.69 £1.00
Weight Watchers from Heinz Sticky Toffee Cheesecakes (2 per pack - 160g) £1.69 £1.00
Aunt Bessie's Special Apple Pie (640g) £2.49 £2.00
Almondy Authentic Swedish Almond Tarta with Toblerone (400g) £2.99 £2.99 £3.00
Aunt Bessie's Bramley Apple Pie (550g) £1.50 £1.50
Aunt Bessie's Morello Cherry Pie (360g) £1.00 £1.00
Aunt Bessie's Perfect for Two Apple Crumble (240g) £1.00 £1.00

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