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Description Tesco Asda Sainsburys
Vosene Kids 3in1 Conditioning Shampoo with Head Lice Repellent (250ml) £2.32 £1.00
Vosene Kids Extra Shine & Detangling Conditioning Spray (150ml) £2.13 £1.00
Nicotinell Nicotine 21mg 24 Hour Patches Step 1 (7) £12.00 £6.50
On offer at Tesco. Buy multiples of 2
Niquitin Mini 1.5mg Mint Lozenge (60) £13.00 £9.00 £14.95
Niquitin Minis Orange 1.5mg Lozenges (60) £13.00 £9.00 £14.95
Hedrin Protect and Go Spray (120ml) £4.29 £3.00 £4.29
Nicorette Nicotine 15mg Invisible Patches Step 2 (7) £13.00 £7.00 £14.95
On offer at Tesco. Buy multiples of 2
Lyclear Kills Head Lice & Eggs Shampoo + Comb (200ml) £14.00 £10.00
Nicorette Quick Mist Mint Spray £17.99 £13.00 £17.99
Scholl Complete Corn Treatment Kit £4.00 £3.05 £4.00
Nicotinell Nicotine 2mg Mint Gum (204) £18.00 £18.00 £18.90
On offer at ASDA. Buy in multiples of 2
Hedrin Liquid Gel (100ml) £9.50 £8.00

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